8/15/2013 Update

Performance Improvement (Woah!)

Boost:  All Drupal Cloud sites have been Boosted! 

"What is boost!?", you ask.

Boost is a means to cache the pages on your site server side.  This means that every time you create or change a page on your site, a static copy of it will be made and stored in your sites cache.  When anonymous users visit your site, they will view the cached pages instead of causing your site to "think" and go through the process of loading data from the database.

TLDR: Page loads on all Drupal Cloud sites have become very fast for anonymous visitors!

How does boost affect you?

Hopefully it makes you a happy site owner, but here are some things to keep in mind:

  • While there are now static copies of all pages on your site being stored in the cache, they will expire and be replaced whenever you update the content on your site.
  • Changes to styles, themes and CSS may require Content Managers to clear the cache, manually.
    • From the menu bar: cloud logo on the top left -> "Flush all caches"
  • Due to another caching layer which is separate from Boost, you may experience a few minutes delay for new changes to be visible over http.
  • Also, the only users who will experience boost in its full glory will be anonymous site visitors.  Logged in users should still experience good response times, but it will not be as fast as the boost experience.