9/26/2013 Update

Static Login Page

Have you ever accidentally moved or removed your Touchstone login block and got locked out of your site?  You are not alone and we're here to help!

  • Every site now has a static Touchstone login page.  This page will serve as an additional way to login in that dire situation where something may have happened to your login block.  To access your sites static Touchstone login page go to /omg/login.

Fixes and Tweaks

  • Feeds - Fixed a bug where some Content Managers did not have proper access to the Feeds module.  Everyone should now be able to access the module configuration page at /admin/structure/feeds or by using the administrative toolbar and going to "structure"->"feeds"
  • Webforms - The Webforms module no longer tries to promote to front page by default.
  • MIT Events - Fixed an issue where the MIT Events module was sometimes not able to be accessed properly through the administration menu.
  • Help text on site Appearance page (/admin/appearance) has been altered slightly.

Drupal Core and Contributed Module Updates

The following contributed modules were updated to their latest versions.  Please keep in mind that some of these modules are not visible via the module administration page and are happily running in the background of your site helping to make things awesome!

Drupal Core - 7.23

biblio 7.x-1.0-rc7
block_class 7.x-1.3
calendar 7.x-3.4
ctools 7.x-1.3
date 7.x-2.6
dynamic_background 7.x-1.11
entity 7.x-1.2
expire 7.x-1.0-beta1
googleanalytics 7.x-1.3
imce 7.x-1.7
job_scheduler 7.x-2.0-alpha3
jquery_update 7.x-2.3
link 7.x-.1
recaptcha 7.x-1.10
strongarm 7.x-2.0
token 7.x-1.5
views 7.x-3.7
webform 7.x-3.19