5/29/2014 Update

We moved the modules page!

We've moved the modules page to a much more prominent position in the Administration menu.

  • The module page can now be navigated to by clicking on "Modules" in the Administration menu.

Mobile Friendly Navigation Toolbar!

Ever try to edit your site on the go?  ...Wait... why are you making that angry face?  Just kidding!  We know it's almost impossible.   Or should we say, it WAS almost impossible.  

  • This update we're providing a new toolbar option that goes by the name of Mobile Friendly Navigation Toolbar or Navbar for short!  We think that you will find it to be easy on the eyes, intuitive, and just plain snazzy.  
  • Navbar is now enabled as the default toolbar for Drupal Cloud sites during site creation.
  • Sites created pre-Navbar will still have the Administration Menu enabled by default.  If you would like to enable Navbar in place of Administration Menu then please do the following:
    • Click on "Modules" in the administration menu (wasn't that easy?).
    • Uncheck "Administration menu"
    • Scroll down and check "Mobile Friendly Navigation Toolbar"
    • Say "Goodbye, old friend."
    • Click "Save Configuration"

Entity Reference is in!

The entity reference module is now a part of the Drupal Cloud module suite.  This module provides a field type that will allow the reference of arbitrary entitites.

  • This module is enabled by default for all sites.
  • You can add an entity reference field to a content type in the same way you'd add any other field.
  • This module is powerful and gives you more content strategy options for your site by allowing you to create relational content.
  • To learn more about Entity Reference, read the guide for beginners.

Features is going away.

Through the next couple of updates we are going to be removing the features module.  We have decided to drop support for this module and implement Drupal Cloud news, blog and future functionality in other ways that can only be described as awesome (look for our roadmap update soon!).  The first step in this process is:

  • We have removed Content Manager permissions to the Features module.

Other Fixes/Enhancements

  • Removed blocks that were appearing on the block administration page even though users did not have access to their functionality.
  • Set the email hourly threshold to 50.