Friday, October 10, 2014 Update

We are releasing an update to address some issues with the recently introduced MIT DLC Theme. This update fixes a few theme settings and styles that did not match up correctly with the original design.

Sites not yet using this theme will not be impacted by this release; the theme will appear and behave as originally intended when you activate it.

Sites that have already enabled this theme can expect to see the following changes to the default styles. Note that if you have modified your own theme settings or are using CSS Injector to override the theme defaults, your choices will remain in effect.

Sidebar menu before:

Sidebar menu before update

Sidebar menu after:

Sidebar menu after update

Dropdown menu before:

Dropdown menu before update

Dropdown menu after:

Dropdown menu after update

Search box before:

Search box before update

Search box after:

Search box after update

Default favicon before:

Default favicon before update

Default favicon after:

Default favicon after update