1/20/2015 Update

Release 3.2 is scheduled for deployment to production sites on 1/20/15, and includes the following changes:

  • Users now see a warning on their user page that changing their account username will disable their ability to log in using Touchstone.
  • Content managers who also have other roles now see all columns on the Permissions page correctly.
  • CSS Injector now includes syntax highlighting, and the ability to specify which theme(s) should use each rule.
  • Users now see a warning on the jQuery Update page (Configuration -> Development -> jQuery update) about the risk of using versions above 1.5.

Drupal core and contributed modules have been updated as follows:

We have also updated the way MIT’s customizations are applied to the community-contributed Boost and Shibboleth modules, including a change to the way our whitelist function stores data.