11/10/2015 Update

Drupal Cloud 3.7 release, November 10th, 2015:

- The Drupal Cloud DLC theme is now the default for new sites and the default settings provided by this theme have been updated.  Visual changes include:

- content-ready layout   
- a clean, design-neutral look and feel     
- full compliance with MIT graphic identity standards     
- editable MIT graphic identity block     
- persistent left and right column layout

- Changes to the DLC theme may impact arrangement of items in the footer, which can be resolved by minor changes to CSS.  Contact drupalcloud@mit.edu with any questions.
- Added safety measures to prevent the Content Manager from inadvertently locking themselves out of permission settings
- Resolution of a bug in the Dynamic Background module that prevented proper deletion of default background images
- Resolution of an error message that occurred under specific circumstances when enabling the Menu Block module.
- Resolution of a bug that was generating log errors when loading pages using certain taxonomy fields
- Resolution of a bug in CKEditor. Users are now able to change their default user profile setting to disable or enable the rich text editor.
- Minor changes to the Content Management menu to improve usability.