1/19/2016 Update

Drupal Cloud 3.8 release, January 19th, 2016:

This release includes a range of security and bug fixes.

Security and Module Updates

Fixes and Enhancements

  • Resolved a bug which prevented the DOI-lookup feature from populating Biblio pages.
  • Fixed a responsive CSS bug within the DLC Theme. Please note that content managers may notice minor content shifting in sites that are not significantly customized.
  • Fixed a bug that would overwrite MIT DLC theme customizations upon DC version update.
  • Granted permission to "administer responsive menus" to content managers.
  • File system locations for private files restricted and standardized, to allow for system wide optimizations.
  • Enhanced the “Recent Log Messages” to enable better end-user support. 
  • Enabled the use of the SecureLogin module to redirect user sessions to https, wherever the login block occurs, which allows the login block to function correctly if placed on pages other than /user.