Access to MIT Drupal Cloud without certificates - possible?


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I currently own a site on MIT Drupal Cloud, however I'm a recent alum, so in a few months I imagine I will lose my kerberos/certificates. Can I/MIT alums still continue to have ownership access to their sites on MIT Drupal Cloud? Should I start migrating stuff out of my website? Thanks!


I don't know what policies there are regarding sites belonging to alums (you may want to ask, but it's certainly technically possible. The easiest way would probably be:

1. log onto your site with a Touchstone Collaboration account ( using an alternate email address - the site should automatically create a new user based on this account
2. log out
3. log back on using your certificates
4. go to your people list (/admin/people/people) and edit your Touchstone Collaboration user to give it the "content manager" role, which will give this new user account full admin privileges