Accidentally deleted my home page, now getting an error


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I accidentally deleted the home page from my content list yesterday because I was to have the front page display a view. Now I am getting a "page not found" error and I can't figure out how to add a new page to the replace the missing one.
Here is the sight:

Can anyone help with this? I'd also like to know how to make the a view display on the front page without the home page text.

Thank you!
Cori Spencer


The easiest way I've found to recover from this error is to create a new page, and use that as your new "Home" page. To do this, go to Content -> Add Content -> Basic Page. I've found it's best to avoid using "Home" or "Index" for the title of this page, since that can lead to path and menu item name confusion. (The "Home" item in your main menu is automatically created by the system, so manually creating a Home page leads to duplicates, which can be confusing.)

Once you have saved your new page, adjust your site configuration to use this as the default front page. Go to Configuration -> Site Information and enter the path or the node/[id] in the Default Front Page field and save the configuration.