Are there any tips/resources for adding images/photos in simple and/or creative ways? Is it advised that we simply use the "add image" icon in the edit screen - or do you add image block somehow? Are people doing the common scrolling images on homepage?


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Examples include: large scrolling images on the front page with small "preview" pictures:


We don't yet have a slideshow or carousel feature built into the service, but we are looking at a few options for adding something like this to our product roadmap. We'd love to have input from the community on what would be most helpful here.

In the meantime, I have done a little with the Views functionality to create a sort of image slideshow. I created a content type with fields for Title, Body (caption), and Image (upload), and then used a view to show one at a time, with a pager and AJAX enabled to move forward and backward through the images.

Here's an example that I helped somebody create:

I'm working on another example that will use CSS Injector to apply styles to a similar view, but it's not ready for prime time yet. :)


I am very interested in learning how to do a slide show like the one mentioned by csgiles. Would someone be able to help me with the AJAX coding?
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