Automatic import of entries into biblio module


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Is it possible to automate the import of BibTex entries from databases (such as Google Scholar and PubMed) into the biblio module?


Yes it is! First, make sure you activate the Biblio module associated with the citation format you'll be using (People -> Modules).

Explore the configuration options (Configuration -> Content Authoring -> Biblio Settings) to make sure the settings suit your needs first. (I found the defaults were fine for the site I worked on.)

Then use Biblio's data import feature (Configuration -> Content Authoring -> Biblio Settings -> Data Import).

I tried this on one site so far, using a plain text list of PubMed IDs, and found it worked really well.


Thanks for the suggestion! I have tried this before, but this will still not automatically update the biblio module when the databases are updated: I will still have to manually import the BibTex entries every time I want to do an update of the publications in the biblio module.