Background picture is upside-down?


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I'm using one of my own pictures as the background image and every time I upload it, it's upside-down. This has happened with several different photos, even when I upload a rotated version. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!


That's really interesting. Can I ask what your site address is?


You know, that really is one of the most interesting web development effects I've seen lately, but I think I've figured it out.

From the meta data on your image, it looks like you took the picture with your iPhone, holding the phone rotated. Modern image-viewing software attempt to be smart by automatically reading that information and rotating the image so it's right-side up on your screen. However, the website doesn't compensate, so it's appears upside-down in your browser.

I took out the meta data with image-editing software (Gimp, in my case) at and took a quick look, and it displayed correctly. Give it a try?

By the way, depending on how much you care about privacy, it may be good practice to remove meta data from your images before uploading to the web anyway. In your pic, I can see what phone you used to take the picture, when it was taken, as well as your GPS location.

Hope that helps!


Very helpful! Thanks so much.