Biblio DOI lookup not working


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The DOI lookup feature for populating Biblio throws up the error:
"HTTP error: 400 when trying to contact for XML input".

This page says there need to be a change in one of the PHP files accompanying the module. Any suggestions to make it work?


Thanks for reporting this, Ananth. We're looking into it.


Has this been fixed yet? Thanks!


Hi! Just wondering if this has been looked into... It would be really convenient for uploading papers to our site that aren't indexed in Pubmed.


This is the same problem I had with a website in 2013. The DOI-lookup error was fixed in a Jan 2014 Biblio patch. Perhaps the Drupal Cloud instance needs to be updated.


Hi Folks, we've resolved the bug which prevented the DOI lookup feature from populating Biblo pages. Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions.