Biblio module not picking up [Epub ahead of print] citations in PubMed


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Hi, is there a way to get the Biblio module to import the Epub ahead of print citations from PubMed automatically? It doesn't get them when I run Cron (log message says no changes found). However, they are in PubMed and I can import them into the Biblio module manually using the data import option under the Biblio settings using the PMID file option.


Are any other errors or messages reported to you when you try this? We've had a few other reports about Biblio displaying an error when attempting a DOI lookup (two other threads here on the communty forum). Are you seeing anything on screen or in your site log?


I haven't received any errors in the log or on the screen when working on
this issue. There are a few of the following php error in my log from the
past 4 months but the date/time stamp isn't associated with any cron or activity:

MessageNotice: Undefined variable: rows in biblio_admin_io_mapper_page()
(line 1105 of