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Help! I'm going nuts.

My page looks great in Firefox, but in Chrome and Safari, not all videos show up on video page, (and the videos from techTV won't size properly, even in Firefox)

Also on publications>>books the third book is out of alignment. The source code is identical for all books, copied and pasted. :/

I have cleared my cache multiple times and waited overnight to see if it got better. Please advise :)




Hi Jen,
I'm able to replicate the alignment issue you're having in Firefox as well. It seems to depend on how big the browser window is, when the browser window is resized to be smaller, your book list breaks uniformity.

It looks like the easiest way to fix your problem is to place your images and content into a table. I recommend creating a table that is 5x2 with no borders, and a 5px padding, 80% width. Put the each book image into its own cell, then put the description of the book into the cell next to it. By doing this, it ensures your pictures break onto their own lines instead of attempting to crowd other lines, and going out of alignment.


Thanks so much!! I will do the table for now since it's quick. :)

It was just maddening to see! I appreciate the help.



Now I'm having cross-browser compatibility issues on

I can't load all the videos in Chrome or Firefox, I can in Safari. I asked several friends to check, they can see in Chrome, but not other browsers (for example) There seems to be no consistency in which browsers load all the videos.

I flushed my drupal caches and waited all weekend to see if it sorted itself out, but alas no.

Any advice?




If you're seeing a "failed to load a resource" #2035 error, may apply. I was unable to play some of the videos on your page in Firefox, and disabling the "HTTPS Everywhere" extension resolved the problem.


I'm not seeing that error, just only some of the videos don't load a preview or anything (particularly the MIT hosted ones - their tech support wasn't very helpful) Some browsers work just fine.

Is that disabling "HTTPS" a browser thing or a site thing?



More feedback from a friend:
"The Youtube videos work on Firefox and Safari on my macbook. The videos hosted at MIT only work in Safari. I had to accept a security exception in firefox before I could visit the site. Maybe it has something to do with the videos?

I can still see the video in outreach on Safari and firefox. Odd…"

and then he writes:

"To add to your troubles with this:
Windows 8.1
Firefox 27.0.1

I just installed Firefox 28.0 and retested it, now the congressional testimony video is being displayed both where it should be and next to the “Faculty Forum Online” spot (entry #2)."


BTW I have contacted TechTV support for the issues with their videos and they didn't help much but I will try again.