Can we import Features we've made in a DC site (such as content types) so we don't have to repeat work?


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I have a content type I've made in one DC site and use in quite a lot of other DC sites. Does DC allow us to import Features in any way since we don't have access to the server?


I haven't yet seen a solution in Drupal 7 for this (which is unfortunate, since I recall it being fairly easy in D6). People tend to point to Features as the current solution, which is problematic, as you said.

If anybody has suggestions, please post here. I've seen a few modules discussed on, so if anybody has experience with any of them, please share!


The Apps module would solve this problem and be the single biggest thing you could do to help grow the Drupal Cloud community.

First there were modules, then there were Features, and now there are Apps. Apps is the next generation of extensibility and interoperability for Drupal. They provide a much better user experience of extending your Drupal site by providing facilities to download modules and all of their dependencies in one easy step.

Using Apps would avoid the security issues (and general orneriness) of the Features module (definitely to be avoided, imo, for Drupal Cloud), and the Drupal Cloud community could create and control features specific to what we need at MIT. Many distributions use the Apps module to provide expandability and grow their communities -- Open Public, Panopoly, above all the old Drupal 6 version of Open Atrium.


In the interim, the Feeds module is available for importing of content, but requires you to manually create the content type. We will be adding the ability to import Views in an upcoming release, which should also help.

We'll look at this suggestion, and welcome other ideas from the community as well. Thanks!