Changes are not being saved; every edit has to be repeated 2x-4x.


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I am having problems with any change I make to the site. When I replace an image in a field, or when I change any text in any field, the change does not kick in the first or second time that I save the page. It kicks in after the third or fourth time. I don't have any cache set, and have cleared cache repeatedly. Nothing seems to help.

Needless to say, this makes for an extremely frustrating site-building experience!


Hello, Ed! We have had other reports of this issue and we are actively investigating. If you have any further details that could be helpful, please email Thanks!


I've seen this problem as well. I was making changes to the site with the client sitting by my side and this happened repeatedly. My client started to become distressed that this is not a reliable platform for her site.


@kiirja I can imagine. I shifted to the Corolla theme and the problem went away. Then I shifted back to the theme I had been using (MIT Adaptive Theme 7.x-2.0), and that seems to be working fine so far. I know the Drupal Cloud team are working on the problem, and I am trying to keep an eye to see if the problem returns, and if so, what triggers it. But at this point I believe the issue is somehow theme-related.


Yes, the Drupal Cloud team is actively on the case here. I doubt it is directly theme related, since the issue did not reappear when you switched the theme back.