Conditional Forms and Conditional Emails built into Form Responses


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We believe we've set up a conditional email exactly as it is suppose to work in the default webform functionality, but it is not working. Is there a know issue or a bug in the system. If so any know workarounds?



I haven't had any reports of bugs affecting Webform. Could you be more specific about what your goal is, and what tools and settings you're using to achieve that goal?

One example of a form that sends to a different address based on a user selection is here on the TCC site:

The last field on that form asks the visitor to select a location. Based on that, the form is emailed to the recipient who manages the main campus centers, or the one who manages Lincoln.

(Note: Please don't submit the form unless you are actually applying for childcare.)

This was done by using the key/value pairs in the selection settings, with the label showing the text you see, but the selection value being the email. In the form's email settings, the value of this field is set to be the recipient.


thanks for the reply Chris.

the goal is to, at the very least allow users to email the program they are interested in for global opportunities. There are multiple programs within the MIT community so for a portal site like the one we are building this functionality would be crucial.


Here's a speculative example of one way that might work for you.

Add a field to your webform called "Choose a program" with "select options" as the field type.

In the Options for this field, enter key-value pairs with an email address as the key, and the program name as the value. Something like this:|Program One|Program Two|Program Three

In the Email settings for the form, add a new recipient. Instead of typing in an address, click the Component Value option, and use the pull-down menu to select your "Choose a program" field, then click Add.

Configure the outgoing email according to your needs.

Once you're done, your form will present an option to your visitors that looks like this:

Choose a program:

  • Program One
  • Program Two
  • Program Three

If a visitor selects Program One and submits the form, then will get an email. If the visitor selects Program Two, then gets the email, etc.

Note that you can set up multiple emails for each form, so that, for example, you have this conditional email based on the user selection, but have another address that receives emails for all form submissions regardless of user selection.