Conditional Webforms?


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I'd like to make a web form that has a conditional webforms using the webform module. Is that function available with this version of the webform module?


I figured out the answer to my own question, so I figured I'd come back and post the answer. You can make conditional web-forms!
As an example to make the process a bit easier to understand, I want to create a webform that asks the user what their MIT affiliation is. Based on that response, I want the form to ask for more or different information.

To start, create the "If" field in the webform module. For the purpose of this example, the "If" is "Affiliation" Options field with the choices of Student (SD), Staff (ST), and Faculty (FC).
Next, you make a page break in the form.
After that, you begin to create your the "then" fields. Using our example, create a text field box called Title, then scroll to the very bottom of the page where it says "Conditionals." Expand the option, and create the conditional in that space. The component would be "Affiliation." The operator is "Is one of." The Values are "ST" and "FC" separated by a line break.
Once completed, the user that selects that their affiliation as Staff or Faculty will be asked what their title is. Users that select Student will not be asked for a title.