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Hello, I am trying to create a slideshow using views. Here is the page:
Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do this without the views slideshow modules?
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One way is to have Views output all images and use Javascript to control image visibility.


Hello, I am trying to create a slideshow. I have followed the advice of the folks in the forum like this:

"This is possible to do, with caveat* on MIT's Drupal Cloud, but it does require using Views. The basic idea goes something like:
1. Create a Content Type or node with Fields to hold you banners or video links.
2. Create a View: Block to display the banner or video link. Limit the display to 1 item (in the case of the banner) or several (for the video links).
3. Set the sort order to random.
4. Place the block on whichever page you need it."

I have been unable to make it work. Does anyone have any suggestions as to why it is not working?
I want the slideshow to appear in sidebar second.
Also, in configure where I tell the blocks only to appear on the listed pages, does it want "" or "postdoctoral-students2". I have tried both....
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btw - I don't know how how to "use Javascript to control image visibility" Are there any suggestion on where to see how to do that? ty