css injector did not reflect size changes


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My head shot images in this page view very small in chrome, although they are a good size in firefox. This is the page:


I made size changes all of the traditional ways, but when none of those functions worked, I tried css injector. That did not work either. This is my code for my css rule:

.views-field-field-post-doc-photo .view-content
min-width: 144px;
min-height: 188px;

I even went over the size that I actually want it, which is 144px X 108px

I am thinking it has something to do with the class which I identified: .view-content. This appears to be wrong, but I have tried other scenarios such as .views-row-last and .views-row-first, odd and even. Does anyone have any thoughts?


Never mind. I got it to work! It turns out there is no need for class. "img" goes in the place of .view content. And yes, I was missing a {. This is a small victory for me! :)