DOI Biblio lookup bug


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When trying to import a publication by DOI lookup, I get an error "HTTP error: 400 when trying to contact for XML input"

Found a solution online: "In the Biblio file,, in the function called fetch, you have to make the following change:

FROM: $request_options = array('method' => 'POST');
TO: $request_options = array('method' => 'GET');

It should have been GET in the first place, I suppose; but it seems that POST had been working, as well.

The problem is that the server is now throwing a Java exception when you present it with a POST request at this URL, thus producing the 400 server error."

Is there a way to get this fixed with our biblio module?

Thank you!


Thanks for reporting this. Are you able to import using one of the other methods in the meantime?


Yes, the other import options are working, it is just the DOI functionality that gives an error.


Hi Colin, we've resolved the bug which prevented the DOI lookup feature from populating Biblo pages. Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions or need help.