Dynamic display blocks possible?


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I'm looking to do a rotating banner or embedded video links on my site, but don't see that it's an option on the MIT version of Drupal. Searching the web, I see there's a possibility of using dynamic display blocks, but don't see that option under the block menu. Is there any way I can do this myself with my own limited Drupal knowledge?



This is possible to do, with caveat* on MIT's Drupal Cloud, but it does require using Views. The basic idea goes something like:

1. Create a Content Type or node with Fields to hold you banners or video links.
2. Create a View: Block to display the banner or video link. Limit the display to 1 item (in the case of the banner) or several (for the video links).
3. Set the sort order to random.
4. Place the block on whichever page you need it.

*Caveat: the above will display a random banner/video link when someone visits your site. However, caching on Drupal Cloud sites means that the banner won't be rotated until the cache is refreshed (and I'm not sure how long this takes). The other problem is that you have no control over the order in which things are displayed, which may or may not matter to you. If you want finer control and quicker refresh of images/links, you would need to have Views display all of the images/links and use Javascript to hide or show them.