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I have a content type with an email field, and I would like to select 'email contact form' for the display. This works, but in testing I noticed that the form only allows 3 emails per hour. The problem is that this limit seems to be applied accross all users. For instance, if I have two users PersonA and PersonB, and PersonA sends three emails through the contact form of a particular instance of my content type, then PersonB will not be able to send any emails since the global limit has already been reached, even though PersonB never sent any emails. I agree that email sending should be limited (although I'd probably like a higher cutoff, say 10), but the limit really needs to be per user if it's going to have any utility for me. I have about 50 users now, and the whole point of the site is for them to get in touch with one another. Is this limit something that I can control anywhere, or am I stuck having my users display their email addresses in plain text?

Another question related to emails: if I can start using the email contact form, I would really like to be able to monitor how many emails are being sent and to whom. I'm not sure, but I think this requires a module that's not currently installed?



What an interesting issue you've stumbled upon!  It appears that the email field module does infact have a setting which allows you to set the limit at which it can send out emails using the contact form.  Sadly, it is set to 3 per hour.  However!  You have the power to change this to upwards of 50 per hour :)

If you go to admin/config/content/email, you will see a dropdown box that will allow you to set the threshold.  Please feel free to set it to what you need it to be.

Now that you've brought this to our attention, we will up the default threshold in our next update and make the configuration page more accessible.

Thank you!

Drupal Cloud Team