Formatting email generated by webform


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I am trying to make the emails that are generated by my webform form a little more readable. Does anyone have any suggestions? A youtube video that I watched explains how to do it, but the function that they used does not seem to be available to MIT. Any input is welcomed! Thank you. Elaine


Hello, I have the answer to my own question. I reached out to a Drupal expert on youtube, Frederico Garza. He responded to my email formatting question and here is his response. It works!
1. Go to Admin>Content>Webform
2. Click the EDIT link for the applicable webform
3. Click the WEBFORM tab
4. Click the EMAILS link
5. Click the EDIT link for the applicable email (there can be more than one)
6. Scroll to the bottom of the page
7. Click the INCLUDED E-MAIL VALUES link
8. Click the components to be included in the email.
9. Click the SAVE EMAIL SETTINGS button
10. That's it!