Formatting text, inserting pictures not working?


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I can't seem to format the text (ie change font size or paragraph format) on any page or insert pictures (I uploaded an image to test and it is present). Everything displays fine in the editor, but all formatting and images disappear in preview or publish mode. The coding appears correct in simple text mode and everything looks fine in rich text mode, it just doesn't publish any of the formatting. When I return to the editor, all of the changes I made are still there, they just won't publish. Has anyone been able to successfully format text or insert images? If so, what's the trick?


The trick is to check the "text format" selection below the Body field. Make sure it is set to Full HTML and not Filtered HTML or Plain Text.


Yup, that does the trick. Thanks! Why is isn't Full HTML the default? Seems rather counter-intuitive, no?


Funny you should ask. The reason is sillier than you might think: Blame the alphabet.

The editor shows the text formats in the order they're listed in the configuration, which is alphabetical by default.

To change this, go to Configuration -> Content Authoring -> Text Formats, drag the formats into the order you want using the crosshairs, and click the Save Changes button.


Yes, that is quite silly indeed. Thanks for the "solution!"