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I have a test install of Drupal on my windows computer. I'll want to move a site from html and .txt files on athena to a Drupal site. I can paste in the html for a form and it references the .txt file and sends email just fine. But I'm guessing that there is a way inside Drupal to do it all - without needing the athena locker and .txt files therein. I see there is a provision for inserting a poll in Drupal, but don't know how flexible polls are. Has anybody moved from html forms with .txt files and can you point me in the right direction?


Hi Jim!

You may find the answer you're looking for in the webforms module. It allows you to create webforms in Drupal almost as easily as you create pages: just navigate to the add new content page and choose the webform option.

To give you an idea of how powerful the webform module can be: The form you use to sign up for a Drupal Cloud site is done via webforms.


Another great feature of the webform module: While it will email you the results, it also saves the submissions in your site database, so you can download all of the submissions into a spreadsheet. This is really handy when using a form for sign-ups.


Can the webform module emails be in html format? I'm using the email as a registration confirmation and want to put some mail and website links into the confirmation. I've put the necessary HTML in the webform e-mail template, but it isn't being sent as html. Thanks, Alexis


Hi Alexis. The Webform module only sends plaintext emails. If you include full URLs in your outgoing email, many common email clients will recognize the format and treat the string as a link.