How to add child nodes from parent nodes?


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Is there a way for a content creator to automatically create a child node from a parent node? I am creating a wiki-esque part of a site where I want to give the content creator a shortcut to create a child node automatically by clicking a create child page link that not only creates the child node page, but also creates a menu link automatically with the correct relationship.


Although each node is independent from every other node, you can simulate a parent-child relationship by placing nodes into a hierarchical menu. This doesn't, however, also add a link to the "child" node in the page body, as you may be used to with wikis.

Take a look at this site's help section, specifically the Frequently Asked Questions. Is that sort of arrangment what you have in mind? That section uses Drupal's book module, which is not enabled in the current version of Drupal Cloud. However, we are considering enabling this functionality, as it seems like it would be useful for a situation like the one you describe.

What do you think?