How do I add a menu to the News page?


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I have a main menu that appears in the sidebar of all my basic pages, but I can't figure out how to make it appear on the News pages (both the aggregator and the individual news pages). Anyone know how to add it?


Display of the main menu is usually configured in one of two places:

1) Appearance settings (Appearance > Toggle Display section)

2) Blocks (Structure > Blocks)

If "Main menu" is toggled on in your Appearance settings, it may be that CSS styling is preventing it from appearing in your News section. In that case, you can write some CSS to enable it. Another possibility is that the theme doesn't display it, which you can't change. In that case, your best bet is to turn off the Main menu in Appearance and switch to the Blocks version, which is more flexible anyway.

A "Main menu" block should already exist in your list of Blocks, but it may be disabled. If you're using this method, make sure the "Main menu" block is in the correct section of the page. Also make sure that the "Pages" setting under "Visibility" does not exclude the News section. If you have double-checked all of these and the menu still does not appear, clear your cache and check your CSS again.


Turns out the problem was that "Content types" setting, also under "Visibility," was excluding News. Thanks for your help!