How do I make a View "Page" Display act like a Content Type "Page"?


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I've created a View "Page" Display and I want to control it the same way I control the formatting for a Content Type "Page" (adding sidebars, showing quicktabs, etc).

Specifically, I'm trying to make the quicktabs instance I created appear on my View "Page" Display called "schedule" - but, the configuration for the quicktabs block only gives me the option to control whether is shows up on Content Type "Pages" not View "Page" Displays.

In other words, I want the quick tabs that appear here: to instead appear here:

Any ideas? Is there a basic overview on the difference between how to use these two types of "Pages"? Thanks so much!


csgiles helped me find the work-around that I needed! For other beginners like me:

There IS a difference between a View "Page" Display and a Contact Type "Page."

I have a view called "schedule" with the display "page:Page" that I configured to show up on a Quicktabs instance. In the visibility settings for my Quicktabs block, I selected for the block to only be shown on the page "schedule." But, it wasn't showing up on my View "Page" Display called "schedule " - so, I found out I had to make a Contact Type "Page" called "schedule."

Apparently visibility settings applied to pages do not apply to View "Page" Displays - only Contact Type "Pages".

That's what seems to be working for me!