Importing an MIT News office RSS feed into a block


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The MIT News office has a bunch of RSS feeds for different topics. I'd like to add one to a block on my DC site. What's the preferred method for doing this on DC? The feeds module is available, I see.


One way to do it is to just create a new piece of content, of type "Feed" (this assumes you have enabled the feeds module and maybe the feeds opml module too), paste in the RSS URL in the appropriate field, and save it (then do a manual import to populate the feed initially)

Then create a new (admin menu -> structure ->views -> add new view) that displays content of type "feed item". Make a block for it. Then set it to display in whichever region you want.


Is there any way to import the images from the feed as well? I don't think I saw any fields in the Mapping section that relate to the media from the Feed and it doesn't come in with the default feed. Thanks!