Increasing # of authors to avoid triggering et al in Biblio module


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This has to be done through the include files for the individual styles (eg, Therefore, this has to be done by the Drupal Cloud administrators, as Content Managers don't have access to this code. I would suggest that at least one of the 8 predefined styles be set to an artificially high default (40 authors, perhaps). If you're a faculty member and you're the 15th author, you still need to see your name listed on the list of authors. So I generally list all authors in a citation.


Hi Ed. Thanks for the input! We’ll look into putting a new style(s) on the road map that increases the number of authors.

At the moment, the best suggestion I have is to use the output style that allows the greatest number of authors before the "et al" is triggered. Chicago, Classic, CSE, and IEEE all have that trigger set to 10. AMA, APA, and Vancouver set it to 6, while MLA is set to 3.

As for the faculty member who is getting buried in the "et al", what do you think about editing that Biblio entry and moving that name up higher in the list, before the "et al" break point?