iPhoto to Drupal?


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Hi Everyone!

I recently shuttered my old paid website and as a photographer I was wondering if there were any modules that could enable me to post my photo albums from iPhoto or any other photo library (eg. Lightroom, etc) to Drupal?

I had a lot of photo galleries I used to have on my old website that I'd like to bring to a potential new Drupal site. I currently use Flickr but I prefer to have greater control over how my photos are presented.

Does anyone have any experience attempting to create a photo gallery in Drupal who has any suggestions? Any help would be awesome.



Hi Albert,

Two things come to mind - Views and the rumored addition of a Slideshow module.

I've set up a gallery for images on my site using https://drupal.org/node/1497058 as a guide. The benefit of making each photo its own content type is that you can include additional information for outside viewers (date, location, etc) and your own private information for future use (iso, aperture, etc) and design a database for photos. This database can be sorted on all variables you add and can be very handy for looking at similar photographs. However, it requires some work because you need to set up each individual picture. You can completely customize a view to fit your needs, let me know specific things you envision and I'll let you know if I've encountered similar things.

You can also plan for the rumored slideshow module. I can find the documentation for it when we find out which specific module it will be.

P.S. Do you do wedding photography? ;)


I look forward to the much-talked about vaunted Slideshow module. In some ways that may work better than traditional galleries but visitors don't have as much control over it as a gallery would have. Also coding a gallery one picture at a time reminds me of the early days of HTML when galleries were all created by hand and considering the amount of time and commitment that took, it's likely not something I could begin thinking about until I have a large block of time.

To answer your P.S. "Only a few times" is the short answer. Wedding photography requires the full measure of a photographer's attention and skill and you should never do it for anyone in your family, especially if it's likely that you be interrupted at any point. Every professional photographer learns this lesson the hard way. If you go to a wedding, either work the wedding as a professional, or be there only as a guest. You can't do both. Any attempt to do both will result in disaster and/or very unsatisfactory results.

There is a reason why the best wedding photographers get paid as much as they do and I'm sure there are people who love doing it. I just don't have the time or desire to spend my time off herding cats. :)


You should check out the Feeds module in Drupal Cloud (Structure>Feeds Importers>User Import might work best?). It might have a import function to help you out with the batch importing. It might still be helpful to set up a custom content type so you can use those imported pictures with Views/Slideshow though.

Read up on the following to see if anything else here helps:
(This is probably your best solution^ CSV is a simplified excel spreadsheet. Just map out all of your fields you want to include in your custom content type (example: content title, tags, location, date taken, place the picture was uploaded to etc) in a spreadsheet, then save as a csv file, then use it for node creation. THEORETICALLY it works, so be safe and try it on a smaller scale before you go creating 500 nodes of incorrect content)

For the wedding thing, it was worth a shot. We just started looking and I have no idea what I'm doing.


My bad - User Import is not the one to use, NODE import is the one to use. Otherwise you'll end up with 500 site users with really nice pictures attached to them.