Is it possible to export data and if so, how?


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Hi there,

I'm tasked with preparing a resume book using resume content from our Drupal Cloud site. I thought I'd be clever and have all the content parsed as an RSS feed, but that didn't really work out quite so well. Is there no way to get the data from a particular content type to do whatever with it? Would the content type have to have been set up as a Webform? Copy/pasting isn't working so well either. Is it possible to even get, like, a MySQL table or something, anything, to make this a bit easier? Please advise!


Have you taken a look at Views (/admin/structure/views)? The implementation on Drupal Cloud doesn't have the functionality to do an "export", per se, but you can use it to build structured data such as a table to be displayed on a page, which you can then copy and do additional parsing/formatting as needed.