Links horizontal across the top of the page?


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Is there is way to configure the site to have our links horizontal across the top of the page rather than as a vertical column?


Try assigning the main menu content to the header panel.


Use CSS Injector (config > dev > css injector) and display the li inline. If you don't know CSS, this is a good time to start learning. Also, if you use Firefox, there is a great plugin called Firebug that can allow you to see and test code/css in the browser before having to commit changes. Also allows you to see other sites code/css so you can see how they did it.


Thanks, brew@mit. I have started using Firebug and am starting to get the hang of the CSS code.

One other problem. I want to move the position of the "Login with Touchstone" block that shows up on the website if you are not logged in. The trouble is that I'm not sure if I can access the code that controls this block after logging in. Any ideas?


Actually, just figured out my own problem. For the benefit of others, I was able to move this by changing the configuration under "Administrative Blocks"