Mass import of existing external Drupal 7 site


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Just wanted to get your thoughts on what the best method would be to bring over the node, date and menu structures from another external (to DC) site which is a D7 site on our engineering server and how to import it into DC.


In general, the idea would be to create content types on your Drupal Cloud site that map to the content types on your source site, export your source content into a clean format, then use Feeds to map the exported content to your new content type and import it.

Menu structures are another matter, however, since those are built dynamically within each site. I believe you'd need to touch each node and assign it to a menu to rebuild the structure on your new site.

I would love to see some ideas about this. If anybody has a success story to share (or a failed attempt from which we can all learn), please post it here.