Modifying footer only affects https and not http.


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I modified the Powered by Drupal Cloud block to use a different "MIT Drupal Cloud" logo over the black due to the background being dark.

It only takes effect when going to the site via https, while going via http it reverts back to the black logo.

Any thoughts?

Bottom right logo in the footer. vs



Have you tried clearing the site cache, by any chance?

Configuration (top menu) > Performance > Clear all caches

- or -

Drupal icon (top menu, upper left corner) > Flush all caches


Yes, that's correct. There are a few caching layers in place to improve Drupal Cloud site performance for HTTP traffic. If you make a design change and it doesn't show up for HTTP visitors after a short time, flushing the cache will do the trick.

Some more information about this is in our latest service update note:



Thank you very much!