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I am new to Drupal and trying to sort out how to do a few things.

1) I would like to find out how to change the layout of publications when they show up on different pages.

2) I would like to find out how to set up People in an About Us section - the people profiles are already loaded in the Drupal Cloud site the overall, and I would like to format them to show a photo with a name and biography.

3) I would like to know how to highlight a certain part of a page - for example, putting a box around a few paragraphs to make them stand out.

If anyone is able to provide some advice on any of these points, I would appreciate it very much. Thank you!


Hi there -

1.) Provide a bit more information about Publications. Are you using a specific type of publication?

2.) Assuming you already have all the content uploaded including pictures - you can make a view. Go to structure>views and click "add new view." On the next page, you'll want to give the view a name (i.e. "People") then change the "Show..." drop down box to "Users." Check Create a page, give it a title and a path, and have it display an "unformatted list" of "fields." Set "Items to display" to zero, uncheck "use a pager" and check "create a menu link" if you'd like to add it to your navigation. Click Continue and Edit.

Once on the next page, you can configure what fields appear (including the order they appear in, how the picture appears, etc). You can learn more about the next part by googling "Drupal 7 Views" or going to and searching for Drupal 7 Views. After you hit the save, you will be taken to your newly created list of site users that you can use as a "People" page.

3.) You can use inline css in the content editor, or you can use simple html commands like content for bold. If you'd like to provide specific examples of box styles you like, I can customize this answer.



Oops! Instead of setting "Items to display as 0" just delete the entire entry and leave that field blank. The difference is if you set it as 0, nothing will display. If there is no entry, everything will display