Moria Groups


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Is there a way to give a group of users permissions like we can in the confluence wiki? If not, has anyone used something like a cron job to sync the drupal users on a site with a moria list?


We don't have automated integration with Moira, however, the Shibboleth Whitelist feature might serve your needs. This feature allows you to enter a list of kerberos IDs that you want to allow to log in to your site. If a user tries to log in through Touchstone, and they are not on the list, they will be denied.

Go to Configuration -> Shibboleth Settings to enable this feature and to type or paste in your list of kerb IDs.


Looks like collaboration accounts are not supported; I'm not getting the provider dropdown that I see when I use the wiki cloud. Is that true? We have spouses and partners of MIT students that need to access the site.