Moving a site to MIT Drupal Cloud


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I'm thinking of moving a personal website to MIT Drupal Cloud -- where can I find info about the process for transferring blog posts, pages and calendar events from en existing Wordpress site? Thanks.


The migration from Wordpress to Drupal is fairly straightforward, and a number of modules can do the heavy lifting ( But the migration from Wordpress to Drupal Cloud is made more complicated by the fact you don't have full access to your site in order to install the tools you need. The tool that is available for migrating to Drupal Cloud is the Feeds module, and I'll be writing a post here detailing how to use that to import content into Drupal Cloud. So what you need is a sandbox Drupal site that you can use to migrate your current Wordpress site into. From there you can use the Feeds module to import your content into Drupal.

It just occurred to me that you probably can use the Feeds module directly to get your content out of the Wordpress site and into Drupal Cloud. I don't know Wordpress well enough to know if you have control over the rss feed to your site. But if you do, then you can just use that to migrate your content into Drupal Cloud.

The only reason to do any of this would be because Drupal Cloud offers some functionality you need that you don't have on your Wordpress site. Personally, I think Drupal Cloud's ability to pull in news feeds is a game changer that will leave Wordpress blogs in the dust. But if you just want to recreate your current Wordpress site on Drupal Cloud, it might not be worth the effort.