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Is anyone using drop down menus for their Nav? If so, can you send me a link to your site or tell me what you used to create? I have some basic ones made with CSS, but they don't work the greatest on mobile.

Thanks, Kris


a suggestion from another DC user:

I found this similar example:

Another way to get a drop-down is to use the one that’s built into the MIT Admin theme (kind of an easter egg since the only documentation for that theme is the CSS itself). It only supports one sublevel by default, without any tweaking.The combination there is to do the following:

Set MIT Administration as your default theme.
Assign your menu block to the Menu Bar region.
Set the block class to “drop-down”.
Set the menu item(s) you want to to show as drop downs to “show expanded by default”.

I suspect you’re looking for techniques within MIT Adaptive instead, but maybe taking a look at what MIT Administration theme does would be helpful.


Followed the steps above with Administration theme, and was successful in getting the dropdown menu!

However, I cannot seem to limit it only to one sublevel. In, under "research," I would like to see three options ("AG" "EVA" "participate as subject"). At the moment, different sublevels appear at different times. I tried adjusting the weights and giving the first sublevel the lightest weight, and giving any tertiery sublevel a very heavy weight, but no luck.

The reason I only want one sublevel is because I created a block (menu layer 3) that displays any (if there are any) tertiery or lower submenus on the first sidebar. Currently, only the "research" page has this.

I am hoping to have this done in time for the AeroAstro Centennial this Wednesday, so any prompt responses are greatly appreciated!