News and Blog text formatting


  • Tip / Idea

You may notice that if you have formatted text in a news or blog item, that formatting may overrun the rest of the page if it happens to occur right at the trim point in the listing view. For example, if you have italicized text right before the ellipsis, you'll see that some of the text on the rest of the page, including the menu, is rendering in italics.

This is happening because the opening <em> tag is not getting closed by its corresponding </em> tag.

There's an easy way to fix this!

Log in to your site and go to the page containing the view.

Hover your mouse over the upper right of the content area, click the gear that appears, and click edit view.

Under the "Fields" heading, you will see an item for "Content: Body". Click this.

In the overlay that comes up, click on "Rewrite Results".

Check the box next to "Field can contain HTML".

Click the Apply button. (This will dismiss the overlay.)

In the upper right of the screen, click the Save button to save changes to this view.

View your page again, and you will see that the italicized text no longer takes over the rest of your page. Your view is now automatically adding closing HTML to any tag that is open when it trims text.


csgiles, you are a very helpful person. This message is not an excuse to test something, I swear.