No more color palette?


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I do not seem to find the color palette recently to color some of the text on some pages I use. Has recent updates removed that?


Thank you for reporting this. It does look like the Text Color button is not showing up, as you described. The Drupal Cloud team is looking into this now.

In the meantime, I can suggest three workarounds, listed from simplest to most advanced:

  1. If you have already created some text that matches the color and style you want, copy and paste that into your new page, and edit it.
  2. If you are comfortable working in HTML, you can click the "switch to plain text editor" link below the editor window to view the markup for your formatted text. You can then use that same markup to style other text in your site.
  3. The more advanced approach would be to define the styles you want to use in CSS, and use the CSS Injector feature (Configuration -> Development -> CSS Injector) to apply these styles to your site.