Password protection on the Drupal Cloud


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If I set up a Drupal site, may I password protect parts of it? Or do I need to use a Wiki for that instead?

The password would be used to protect papers posted by users of the site, most of whom are not members of the MIT community.



If you'd like to restrict access to read content on your entire site to a particular user role (i.e. authenticated user, or a role which you create) you can do so by managing permissions (from the admin menu: People -> Permissions). This allows you to grant or deny the "access content" permisson (found under the Node category) to particular roles. You can also grant or deny the ability to create, delete, or edit content there.

If you would like to manage permissions for only a particular page or set of pages, you will want to enable your site's Content Access module (from the admin menu: People -> Modules, check the box next to Content Access and click the save button). This will enable you to manage permissions to a much finer level. The help link next to the module on that page provides a good overview of how that module works.

However, there is a caveat: This functionality will allow you to restrict access to the pages (nodes) on your site. If you attach a PDF or other document to a page, an unauthorized visitor will not be able to get to the page to click the link, but if they have or can guess the file name and path, they will be able to access the file directly.


Hey Chris, can't they set up a content type that uploads to the private folder to protect the files?


Hi, I'd like to set a password for some pages. For this I enabled Content Access module from the list of modules, but I still do not see the People -> Modules tab in my menu... Could you please help me with that?