Pros/Cons of Drupal vs. Confluence


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OCW is looking to relocate it's intranet. We're looking for a place to store documentation, where staff can easily make revisions, and ask & answer questions. We had been looking at Confluence, but DrupalCloud has some appeal as well.

Has anyone used both and could they comment on the pros & cons of each?

Peter Pinch
OCW Production Manager


Drupal Cloud may be a good fit for you, Peter. It has the capability to serve your goals of storing documentation, having revisions and facilitate conversation between visitors. The service even has a feature for creating an access list in conjunction with touchstone which will allow you to have an intranet powered by certificate authentication.

Pros of DC: getting a site up and running is very quick. It's also extremely flexible due to its rich feature set and the power that a site owner has over their site. I would say that you could do quite a bit with it that you couldn't do with confluence.

Cons of DC: while getting the site up and running is fast, it may take a little more time to build out your site than it would with confluence.

I would be interested to hear the opinion of someone with more confluence experience.