Raspberry Pi Livestream to embed in Website


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I am currently working on building a 3d Printer Livestream using a Raspberry Pi and Raspberry Pi Camera V2.1. I want to be able to embed my live stream into my Drupal Cloud website so that anyone in the lab can watch the printer. My end goal is to have a website similar to http://foodcam.media.mit.edu/ where the live stream is directly embedded into the page. I am also drawing inspiration from animal and nature live streams.

I do not want to use the http://:8081 formats of streaming as they limit the viewership to whoever is directly connected to the router. I do not have access to changing any qualities of the router. I have tried out using Youtube Live and embedding that but Youtube limits the length of the live stream and I would like this to go indefinitely.

Does anyone know of a way/free service to insert my Raspberry Pi livestream into my Drupal Cloud website?