Redirect to other website


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I haven't had time to fill my drupal website with content and I would like to redirect to my old website in the meanwhile. I have seen the option to redirect from a subpath but not from the actual URL. Thanks for any help!


One approach that many people have used while working on their sites is to put it into "maintenance mode" until it is ready. This lets you put up a "coming soon" message with a link to your old site while you build out the new one, and doesn't require you to set up any redirects or request any DNS changes.

If that sounds like it'll meet your needs, then go to your admin menu and select Configuration -> Development -> Maintenance Mode. Check the box and edit the message to say what you want, and click Save Configuration.

Once your site is in maintenance mode, you will need to go directly to the User page (/user) to log in, since your content will now be hidden from view.

To take a site out of maintenance mode, go back to the configuration page described above, uncheck the box, and click save.

It's a good idea to also flush your site cache after you make extensive changes. You can do this from the first item on the admin menu. Select Flush All Caches.