Renderering Publications List correctly?


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I have an author with a hyphenated name: Choi, H.-L.

The "-L" does not show up on our publications page, but when I click on the link to edit it, it is in the field correctly. (references #4 & 7 are examples)

Also Author J.P. How is showing up as "J.P. H" and "How, J."on references 12 & 13.



Did you enter these Biblio items manually, import them from a single source, or import them from multiple sources?


My PI did it but he said he used an import feature.


Hmm... Check out how the authors are listed in your Biblio settings (admin/config/content/biblio/author). Click the edit link next to each of the names in question. Perhaps there are corrections/adjustments to be made there?


Hi, You'll always have better luck if you enter the names as Choi, H-L, and How, J.P. I did that and it seemed to format appropriately. There are a lot of tweaks you can do with the Biblio to get the output formatted as you want. Let me know if the simple fix doesn't work and I'll suggest others.