Setting date range for a blog post


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I thought I'd share something I just learned:

I asked: " I'm trying to migrate entries over from an old site to the new page. My old page blog entries go back to 2003 but the pulldown menu for blog entry dates on the new site only goes back to 2010. Can you set it up so we can go back to 2000?"

I heard back:

"Hello, Jen! Thanks for contacting us. This is actually a pretty good topic for the community forum, as I'm sure many will find this helpful.

The default setting for date entry is +/- 3 years, but you can change this in the content type definition.

In this case, from the admin menu, go to Structure -> Content Types -> Blog -> Manage Fields -> Date -> Edit.

Click on "More settings and values" to reveal the date entry settings.

Change the Starting Year setting from the default of "-3 years" to "-10 years" or whatever suits your purpose.

Click the Save Settings button.

Now test your change by creating a new blog item or editing an existing one. You should now see the additional years in the selector."

Hope this helps some of you :)



Thanks for posting this!