Unable to create new (or modify existing) Image Styes


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I'm having a problem with creating new Image Styles on one of my Drupal Cloud sites. (I tested it on another Drupal Cloud site and it works fine there.)

But on one site, when I try to save a new Image Style, the whole Image Style interface disappears and is replaced by a single message: "Add url redirect from this page to another location." I don't understand how it can work on one site and not on another, when presumably all Drupal Cloud sites are using the same installation of the Image styles module. Needless to say, I've tried clearing cache and that didn't solve the problem.

Any ideas?


Hey Ed, That's happened to me several times (sometimes I get a "page not found" when saving a new image style) and after clearing caches and trying to create a new one with the same name it eventually pops up. Any luck with that?